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Beginner guides and watercolor terms explained.

  • watercolor brushes shapes

    Watercolor Brush Shapes Explained

    Watercolor brush shapes (and sizes) are sometimes a bit confusing, knowing which brush is the right one to get can be difficult to work out. What’s the difference between a mop and round head, or the difference between a size 00 and a size 2? This article will also help you work out the types…

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  • Pencil Leads Explained

    Pencil Leads Explained (Which is Best for Watercolor)

    Pencil leads are defined by a combination of numbers and/or letters e.g. 2H, 6B, B or just regular HB. Then there are the thickness of leads, not to mention wooden or mechanical pencils. There’s a lot to talk about, and it’s all in this article. I’ll also go over the right pencils and leads that…

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  • What GSM Paper Is Best for Watercolor

    What is gsm and which paper gsm should you look for when you’re choosing paper? When I was a beginner I didn’t understand this and would pick the wrong paper which wouldn’t be suitable for watercolor painting. I ended up needlessly wasting good paper. GSM is the acronym for ‘grams per square meter’, and in…

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  • Can you use a light box with watercolor paper

    Can You Use a Light Box With Watercolor Paper?

    Watercolor paper can be quite expensive, so you want to get your pencil lines down right with few mistakes, because too much erasing and redoing lines can sometimes adversely affect the paper.  You can use a light box for watercolor painting, which is a great way to get line art onto paper precisely and without…

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  • Do Watercolor Paints Expire

    Do Watercolor Paints Expire or Go Bad?

    I have an expensive habit of buying lots of different paint palettes (are you the same?), and sometimes I won’t use one palette for a long long time. So I’m now in a position to answer the question: do watercolor paints expire if you leave them for months or even years? The short answer is…

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  • best watercolor supplies for beginners

    Best Beginner Watercolor Supplies Guide (2023)

    Welcome to my ultimate beginner watercolor supplies guide. I’m going to show you everything you need to know to get you started in watercolors. Check back as I will regularly update this article! My name’s Justin, and while I am a working photographer, I have been an artist all my life and I would consider…

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  • watercolor youtube channels

    20 Best Watercolor YouTube Channels (2024)

    Back when I started painting, drawing and sketching and learning my craft to become an artist, there were no watercolor YouTube channels to learn from. I have been painting that long and yes I am that old! YouTube may be known better for entertainment channels, but as a resource for learning everything from A to…

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