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  • watercolor brushes shapes

    Watercolor Brush Shapes Explained

    Watercolor brush shapes (and sizes) are sometimes a bit confusing, knowing which brush is the right one to get can be difficult to work out. What’s the difference between a mop and round head, or the difference between a size 00 and a size 2? This article will also help you work out the types…

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  • best watercolor supplies for beginners

    Best Beginner Watercolor Supplies Guide (2023)

    Welcome to my ultimate beginner watercolor supplies guide. I’m going to show you everything you need to know to get you started in watercolors. Check back as I will regularly update this article! My name’s Justin, and while I am a working photographer, I have been an artist all my life and I would consider…

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  • alvaro castagnet brushes

    Alvaro Castagnet Brushes, Tools and Techniques

    I first painted with newly purchased Alvaro Castagnet brushes after discovering his style and art. I was awestruck by his use of light and color, which was masterful, and his tools, a joy to see how he used them. As a watercolor artist myself I would forensically examine his artwork, rewatch his DVDs over and…

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